Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Know Your Equipment

Here's a short little story you're sure to love.
So I've been using Apple Macs for the past few years.  At the time the switch form Windows allowed my blood pressure to drop several dozen points.  Although honestly with today's operating systems, I would not recommend one over the other to a new user.  They're each equally as good/bad as the other now. Well, up to Windows 7... that Windows 8 schtuff is an utter disaster. But that is neither here nor there to my point. :)

Anyway... I recently upgraded my iMac in January of this year and have been doing fine since.
Until this past week while post-processing a group of images for the weekend's event.

Well, every few minutes the brightness on my monitor would change. Nothing drastic, just subtle enough that after 20 minutes or so I could tell it was different than my second monitor which had stayed the same.

Anyone who works on photos knows how critical it is to keep your monitor color and brightness stable and calibrated to ensure proper results.  So needless to say this was quite frustrating when I am doing work for customers.

Long story short, there is now a setting in the Mac OS that allows the brightness of the iMac to be adjusted automatically.  Apparently there must be a light sensor in there somewhere! How am I supposed to know that? And who really wants their monitor settings to change "randomly"?

It just happened that this was the first day I worked during daylight hours with the curtains open.
As the sunlight changed, so did my monitor.

Sort of funny ... once I figured that out.

Maybe this will save someone some frustration.
Under your Display settings, find the following check-box and turn it Off.

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